Transfer market

Currently the transfer market is open until 13th July 11:59pm CET. After 13th July 11:59pm CET no new player can be put to the transfer list, but offers on already running transfers can be done on the last day.

Current auction can be found at: Transfermarket current season

Please make sure to re-buy the players which were updated (even if the overall is the same, some stats might have changed): Updated players current season (you can filter the trainer name to your name in the first column of the last row to only see your players)

The following rules apply for all actions:

  • all actions (removing a player or trying to buy one) generates a 24 hour auction
  • make sure to check if a player still exists ingame before you bid on him, as konami deletes some players from time to time
  • you can see all auctions which you have placed a bid (or which is currently your player) at the bottom of the squad builder
  • Removing a player will increase your budget by at least 250k€ (could increase if someone bids on him during your release auction)
  • Bidding on a player to hire him requires a minimum bid of 250k€ (and bids can only be done in steps of 250k€ like 500k€, 750k€, 2.000k€ etc. )
  • Temporary you can have up to 30 players at your squad, but you need to cut them down to 23 before TM closes
  • a player which got bought in the current season can’t be removed from the squad until next season (manually I can do it for you, but in that case you won’t get the 250k€)
  • You can deal/trade with other trainers: just post your deal in the transfer chat in discord and if both trainer confirm it (e.g. by reacting with a thumbs up) the deal will be done immediately as soon as I have time (so no auction will be created) (a deal could be: Trainer A is buying my Embolo for 750k€)
  • Budget is the money you currently have – each bid (selling our buying, only if you win the auction) reduces/increases the Budget immediately
  • Salary is the money your players will get for the next season – once the TM is closed and the next season starts, your budget will be reduced by the salary
  • Make sure that your Budget is HIGHER or EQUAL to your salary
  • If your Budget is higher than the salary the rest will be taken over to the next TM (e.g. 55m Budget and 53m Salary means, that you will have 2m additional Budget next season)

Example for the budget/salary:

I have 50m Budget and my team currently costs 48m salary. I hire a new player with 79 overall value (8m salary) via auction for 250k€. My Budget will be decreased to 49.75m once the auction ends and my salary will be 56m (48m + 8m). If the TM would close now, i would have balance of -6.25m (49.75m – 56m). I can now release a 78 overall player (6m salary) which will reduce my salary to 50m and once the auction is done, my budget will also increase by at least 250k€ (more if people bid on it). So in total i have 50m budget and 50m salary, which would be balance of exactly 0€. The current state of your balance is visible at the squad builder (just keep in mind that numbers are not changed until the auctions are done).

How to add a player

Search for the player in the squad builder and click on his name. This will open the page of the player, where you can place a bid right under his general information:

In that screen i would bid 250k€ on M. Dahoud. After 24 hours he will be added to my squad if no one else bids on him.

How to remove a player.

Open the squad builder and scroll down to your players. Here you can click on the “remove from squad” button to set the player to the auction for 24 hours. He will be removed once the auction is done.

If i click this button, M. Thuram would be set to an auction and after 24 hours i would receive my 250k€ (or more if people would bid on him).