Hall of Fame Efootball 23

Trainer Stats

EFO23 S1League AEder_RG4L
EFO23 S1League BLinkey
EFO23 S1League CPelopinaMaster
EFO23 S1League Dmavhomes
EFO23 S2League Amavhomes
EFO23 S2League BPelopinaMaster
EFO23 S2League CDjulioo
EFO23 S2League DMoes80
EFO23 S3League ALinkey
EFO23 S3League BNersch19
EFO23 S3League Cmavhomes
EFO23 S3League DPelopinaMaster
EFO23 S4League ADjulioo
EFO23 S4League Bkevin22schel
EFO23 S4League CMoes80
EFO23 S4League DMazid
EFO23 S5League Ahdcantona
EFO23 S5League BLinkey
EFO23 S5League CLuismi The Dawgh
EFO23 S5League DMoes80
EFO23 S1CupJerem13007
EFO23 S2CupPelopinaMaster
EFO23 S3CupPelopinaMaster
EFO23 S4CupDjulioo
EFO23 S5CupLinkey
Champions League
SeasonCompetition1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
EFO23 S1Champions LeaguemavhomesPelopinaMasterLinkey
EFO23 S2Champions LeaguemavhomesMoes80Lupenheimer
EFO23 S3Champions LeagueLinkeyPelopinaMasterMoes80
EFO23 S4Champions LeaguehdcantonaNersch19Djulioo
EFO23 S5Champions LeagueLinkeyLuismi The DawghIceman
Europe League
SeasonCompetition1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
EFO23 S1Europe LeagueNersch19IcemanLupenheimer
EFO23 S2Europe LeagueLinkeyJuankaBMIceman
EFO23 S3Europe LeaguestvedranAlexlianiBilalV
EFO23 S4Europe LeagueLupenheimerMrKevGOllie Flip
EFO23 S5Europe LeagueNersch19Buckyshotdennissperling
Conference League
SeasonCompetition1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
EFO23 S1Conference LeagueJuankaBMHaisscorekingXoseLG
EFO23 S2Conference LeagueLucky JamlumpAlexliani
EFO23 S3Conference LeagueKaiserHaisscorekingLupenheimer
EFO23 S4Conference LeagueBilalVLinkeyDjchefo12
EFO23 S5Conference LeagueLupenheimerBilalVIAmStoney
Winner Cup
EFO23 S2Winner Cupmavhomes
EFO23 S3Winner CupMoes80
EFO23 S4Winner CupMoes80
EFO23 S5Winner Cuphdcantona